Clone of Dress Chanel High Couture in UterquE

I joke, still looking for something to wear on new year’s Eve. But I think I finally found it. I was in search of a Holster for my mobile when I have found along the way with a wonderful view in Uterqüe: This dress the collection of high Couture summer 2008 Chanel.

Well, say this, because if the Chanel Resort 2009 which said that they had at Zara, is a good clone, copy it from this dress short of paillettes and ruffles rigid base, is spectacular. Really. They do not have it in silver, but black, and although the price is not more economic, costs 249 euros, I assure you it’s worth the.

If so far have seen clones of conventional lines, the find Haute Couture models, is not more. Precisely the raison d ‘ être of such collections, is its inaccessibility, and obviously, its quality, because his pieces are unique creations carefully made, but for all those that we can not choose the exclusive world of the Haute Couture, I think better via that which puts us within reach of the hand, once more, Inditex. Thank you Amancio!!