Clothing Store Decoration: Tips and Inspirations

Have you noticed that when the decor of a clothing store is pleasant, we are more interested in entering the store and even buying?
This may all seem a bit confusing, but details thus influence the buying process and even to attract customers. So if you are thinking about opening a store or even redecorating your clothing store, it is interesting to choose the right elements to make the decor, after all this can be a decisive factor in leveraging sales.
And to give that extra help with tips and ideas of decor of clothing store, in the post you will see ideas for different styles of decor, so you can be inspired by incredible environments!

Models and Styles of Clothing Store Decoration
Chic and fashionable
The chic and chic stores are beautiful to look at, but before you follow this style make sure you are your target audience. If you want to sell clothes at a more affordable price, a too fancy store may not attract your audience who are looking for lower prices. If the store is installed in a noble neighborhood, with more expensive clothes and a public that likes luxury , do not hesitate to be inspired by this style of decoration.
The colors used in the decoration and composition of the environment are of extreme importance to enhance the style. In this proposal, the idea was to use gold as the basis of the decor, and in itself the color already conveys sophistication. The mirrors and lighting also value the ambience, which is ample and has the clothes exposed in golden macaws according to Travelationary.
Young and fun
If your target audience is young, beware of the fact to follow some tips:
1.Colors:In general, young people will not be attracted to a neutral and classic decoration, after all can be too “grimace” to find cool clothes. Then, choose a more cheerful color chart, even if the color is for details such as puffs, pictures, etc.
2. Style:It is not only the style of the clothing store decoration that counts, but also the style of the clothes sold. If the proposal is clothing for skateboarders, it pays to follow the same idea for the decor. However, if the idea is of feminine and delicate clothes, a tip is to invest in details that represent this style.
One suggestion of clothing store decoration is this design. Here the decoration brings elements of the ballad, like the globe of mirrors, and already gives a hint that the environment is more modern and with the young man.
Modern and clean
If the idea is to follow a lighter trend, clean decor is a great bet. The style with soft colors and no excess of information is modern and combines with different styles of clothing, which makes this type of decor versatile.
Following the idea of ​​a clean decoration , this project bet in soft tones, like beige, for the decoration. The clothes displayed through wall hangers and small furniture spaced by the store are ideal, as they leave the look cleaner in the wide space.
In the case of the rustic decoration, the style does not determine the type of clothes sold, and the pieces may even follow a trend more modern, which creates a nice counterpoint between the rustic decor with modern clothes. For this rustic look, it is worth investing in brick wall the apparent view , wooden floor, and even pallet and crate furniture .
For the composition of this project, the idea was to make a mix with several elements that mark the rustic style. Among these elements are the brick wall the apparent view, the wooden floor and even the iron macaw, which leaves the clothes exposed and organized.
The industrial decoration is a trend for those who want to give a modern touch with a different style for the decoration of clothing store. The most up-to-date style fits well with young women’s and men’s clothing. And it can follow the “raw” line, that is, with more focus on the industrial; Or a mix, with elements of industrial and other styles.
In this design of clothing store decoration, the industrial style of the environment is something remarkable. Each corner marks this feature that brings together burnt cement flooring , lighting with apparent ducts, and even furniture and iron displays.
Vintage and Retro
The retro and vintage decor are great proposition for anyone who wants to bring a touch of decades past in the environment. In the case of the retro, the idea is to compose the space with elements that are a rereading and can bring a touch of color. Already the option of decorating vintage clothing store, the antique furniture are decisive and the pieces of wood can create a more classic style.
In this proposal of retro decoration, the store brings the geometric and colorful elements that marked the decade of 60 and 70. The different wall papers decorate and refer to the style, as well as other elements that make the style to surface.
Provencal and romantic
If the idea is to attract the female audience with a delicate decoration, elements that mark the Provencal decor and light and soft colors are perfect bets. This softer style demands that the whole environment follow the trend, so if the idea is a romantic decoration, the tip is to see if the idea is compatible with the style of the clothes sold, after all who is in search of a sports clothes hardly Will enter a delicate and romantic shop.
The proposal of decoration of clothing store here is of an environment totally inspired in the Provencal style. The light wood floors cover the floor, and the furnishings that make up the space are all white and with Provencal design.
A common mistake is to have a delicate store for men’s clothing. It is already difficult to attract men to the purchases, and with the wrong decoration this task can be even more complicated. If the target audience is masculine, draw inspiration from a décor without determining colors, and bet on wood details, or even a clean look for social clothing such as suits and shirts.
The decor of this store focuses on the male and young audience, and this can be determined by the style of clothing and decoration. In the environment, the burnt cement floor was combined with wooden elements, and the more exposed clothes make the task simpler for men, who do not like to spend much time looking for a garment.
Small, simple and cheap
Following the simple and economical style for the clothing store decoration may not be a simple task, but following a few tips becomes a lot easier:
Color chart:if you do not want to spend a lot, one possibility is to choose one or more colors to decorate the store. A colored wall is already a great element to characterize the environment.
Layout of clothes:Even with a small store, try to leave the clothes closest to the customers, like pieces exposed in macaws. The folded pieces and shelves less stimulate the sales, and do not leave the store so attractive.
Details:If the idea is to spend little, invest in details. Comics on the wall are beautiful, and decorate without spending much. Oh, remember that even in the details, the elements must be on the theme of the decor and the clothing store.
In this proposal of simple decoration, the idea was to include a colorful wall, comics on the wall and a little corner with coffee and water for the clients, leaving the space more cozy.
Wallpaper Tips for Clothing Store
The wallpaper is a great element for the clothing store decoration. The item decorates the wall in a quick way and can be decisive for setting the style of the environment. So, when choosing the type and style of wallpaper, consider a few points:
In children’s stores, the wallpaper asks for a little girl’s style, so drawings and prints that refer to the children’s universe are very welcome.
If the idea is to compose a more contemporary store, it pays to invest in wallpaper models that are more current and even more colorful; Which will make the décor stand out.
If you want a more classic look for the decor, the arabesque or even damask pattern are ideal for valuing this style.
Striped templates are wild! It ranges from thick or thin stripes, horizontal or vertical, and of different colors. This type of wallpaper fits into different designs and so ends up being a choice without error.
Did you like the tips and inspirations of clothing store decorations ? Just like in the look, the right look for the environment is also capable of giving an up in the environment.