Collection Divided Exclusive Holiday of H & M for This Christmas

Becoming is more common that during the Christmas holidays, special collections focusing exclusively on those days designated in that, almost as a rule are launched and already by habit, engalarnos a little more of the account we like. That’s going out to buy a dress for new year’s Eve, is already a national sport. And H & M has been the latest to sign up to the wild card cart Christmas.

Brands, by that make work easier and sell more, make us proposals on foma of collections of party, in which predominate the gleam, the tulle, velvet and sequins. A little online this spring invented by luxury firms, but in version strategy low cost. That which is supposed are wealthy, have a hectic social life and buy evening dresses throughout the year.

If recently we presented the Christmas collection of Kate Moss for Topshop and we attended an interesting informal PEAR arranged garments festival, the Swedish chain brings us now a no less attractive catalogue of clothes for day and night, for him, and above all, for her.

The most prominent piece are of course dresses: black, strapless, satin neckline, with fringes, tutus, or paillettes.

But there are also tops in chiffon, ruffled skirts, cardigans with rolls and all kinds of apparel and accessories. Of those tremendously aided that surely not will serve for years to come, but that for a fee will make you a good momentary role.

The campaign, in addition to the content, the continent is also suggestive po: Isabeli Fontana y Stella Tennant they have been responsible for putting body and face.