Collection Wedding Dresses Pepe Botella

The bride Pepe Botella 2012 is romantic but sensual at the same time: Despertar wears the bride of silks and soft draperies that caress the body, turning it into a modern Cinderella.

Inspired by the awakening of spring new collection of gowns by Pepe Botella, which combines elegance and natural beauty to the artifice of laces, silks, Ruffles, and lace. The shapes are soft and voluminous, and caress the natural body line enhancing the feminine silhouette. Discreet, modest dresses in the style and not so Princely States, ideal for a modern Cinderella in step with the times and fashion trends.

Awakening is the collection that Pepe Botella dedicated to brides of 2012, a very romantic line that repeats some of the peculiarities of the brand, which has always tip on the movement and fluidity of fabrics and shapes, trying to reconcile the understated elegance and natural than artificial made of lace, silk and fine fabrics, which pose very specific details from time to time.

The 2012 collection is in traditional and romantic, but also daring and innovative, classical somewhat and “progressive” for others. Just take a look at the shots that you find in the tips site to fully understand the style and soul of one of Spain’s most prestigious signatures.