David Beckham H & M Swimwear

In May, the former footballer David Beckham launches her own line of swimwear for H & M.

The collaboration between the former most famous footballer in the world David Beckham, and the Swedish low cost brand H & M. After having selected as his ambassador to represent the new collections for men , is coming a line of affordable swimwear for H & M designed right from Beckham.

The collection is available from the month of May 2014 in stores H & M selected and consists of three different models: slip, available in solid colors: white, blue and khaki green color, boxers and Bermuda shorts in color block version and lines.

David Beckham has declared enthusiastically that the collection for summer 2014 is a retelling of classic pieces, comfortable and with a good fit, without sacrificing style, for which the player has stood out in the fashion world.

The model said Beckham, closer and closer to the world of fashion, perhaps influenced by his wife Victoria, today more and more beloved designer of the fashion system, apparently is also launching a collection of sportswear for men that will bear his name.