Do You Can’t with This Cold? Fix It with a Good Coat (Full of Hair)

  • Is it normal to have this cold?
  • What was not normal was the previous temperatures.

So they start lately all conversations with my friends whenever we feel. They appear with the as Rudolph red nose and the hands of an orchid to set tone with the Pantone color of the year. And is that until recently the cold had behaved, but it seems that little by little we will getting to winter (although it does boot).

And one did not expect it so all the sweaters are few but, What if we don’t want to go cold, We do not want to be onions errant and be stylish at the same time? Hair. I do not mean to let us tweezers…

Peo coats, as Chewacca or Yeti, as you can see. And the truth is that seeing images of street style cool although I have no noses of wore me one similar (I don’t want to put extra volume to my body).

But we know that in this test There are brave they decide not to think about what you will tell people and out on the street warm (and with that roll, which like so much).

Do you have already dared to you? hair wrap?