Do You Have a Special Wedding?

Many times, when someone invites me to a wedding I think: ‘ go! Already I can figure how me to not spend a single euro on the dress ‘. And it is that the majority that I’ve gone all the guests were repeated, therefore I could not repeat model. But this has happened because (almost) none has been special enough for spend the money in a good garment. But when the who marries you is your best friend or a sister, the thing changes. This is where comes in Sayan, a firm of dresses that I loved from the minute 0.

And is not that his clothes are ‘ priceless ‘, for nothing. But neither can be considered low-cost. Is halfway between the prices of a good firm and a firm ‘ popular ‘. In other words, that the value for money It is more than excellent. But your clothes are unique and extraordinary details that make that day (without removing the prominence that it deserves the bride) you’re only.

Long shots

The long and vaporous models they are ideal for evening weddings. What is the favorite for this type of garment trend? That in the skirt has a large slit: to be prepared and ready to step on a carpet red. But if you’re not convinced, or you are simply more conventional, you have a variety to choose from.

If you’re addicted to the Pink and for the big day you don’t want to look another tone that this is not, you can go for different versions: from Fuchsia to pink stick passing by more muted tones. What will more with your personality?

Wedding day, short dress

But as manda tradition (and Protocol) to the wedding day It has to go teaching leg, that’s that are also models for this occasion. Or we just have one a christening or communion (at this time anything can happen). Smooth to print flyers or rhinestones. Everything you want (and more) will be in this collection.

What do you think?