Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Angeles Madrid-also known on his blog as “Angels and Daughters”-has made a personal selection of sunglasses for this season.

Although it has cost him to decide because he considers himself a passionate of this indisputable complement, has opted in this occasion by the Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana and by the unmistakable Jimmy Choo.

A great part of looks that Angeles proposes are composed havea bright gold sunglasses, that’s why we love how they end in the end. Whether summer or winter, spring or autumn, the publisher of angels and imps includes lenses in their day to day.Including for special occasions, decide to wear prescription glasses. Discover what you think and the naturalness with which you speak in the full interview of our youtube channel.

In this post, we extract your top recommendations:

The Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are the result of a very careful and eye-catching design: They are usually glasses made of acetate and with very bold combinations of colors or patterns with which the brand can be identified immediately.

Italian Tuscany is very present in the environments that recreates the signature and the latest models radiate femininity. An example of them is the eyewear that has chosen Angeles Madrid: DG4277, a very special eyecat model for girl or lady. It is available in different colors and prints, very typical of the signature, and its cat eye shape is absolutely irresistible. If to this we add that usually comes with a very, very original packaging in conjunction with the model, we can not ask for more.

No wonder that Angels has melted with this sunglasses and its wonderful case!

On the other hand, another of the incredible choices of Angeles were Jimmy Choo sunglasses that are really a gem. Its rounded shape is one of the most fashionable features this season. Despite the fact that the glasses have been in the market for a few months, the windows of the best opticians continue to show it as a complaint. If you wear them, you are the center of all eyes. Its delicacy, elegance, simplicity and details made with taste are an example of design sunglasses. They are called Andie, remember her name!