Dresses for Pearl Party to East End of Year

The other day I spent in front of one of the most beautiful, thin and attractive evening dresses that I have seen in my life. Would I buy four things to El Corte Ingles supermarket and you know how it is that: until you do not get to the Department you want, you go through 20 different sections. In my case, I went through the haberdashery, ware home, female footwear and, finally, women’s fashion. There, of course, is where I saw the dress but, rush, I could not stop myself and I only had time to look at the brand: Pearl.

Fortunately, with the Internet you can recover 90% of the things you see on the street. Arriving at home, with the purchase of the super made, I turned on the computer and type: “laperla.com”. There was my dress with 20 of the most beautiful, thin and suggestive again. Then I thought in the year end party, one of the few occasions we have the ordinary mortals to get “to red carpet it”. And of course, to get “to red carpet it”, have to drop a lot of dough: dresses are from 300 euros to the 2000.

Interestingly, he saw me and another that also I liked (in the image above) are the “cheapest”: about 300 and 500 euros each. What I like most is transparent and embroidered back. ¿Not seem to you precious?