Dresses from H & M Autumn/Winter: Trends

H & M presents a microcoleccion of the best dresses to go out and party in autumn. Next to his collection fall-winter 2010 / 2011 main find this release that surely will appeal to many. It arrives in September and will not last long at the store since they are interesting proposals at the best price.

Looks that hit at a party. Sets where black dominates but is not the only option. There are many alternatives we see below.

H & M: prom dresses are black

A good prom dress always seems to be in Black. It is the most elegant color and which has settled as usual in all kind of Soiree choice. But a little black dress is seen too. Is not a bad choice, if you already have one best not to change it, but if we are looking for a new one scale for the entire surface is a good idea.

The clutchs game covered fringe that does not favor them at all for my taste. The fringes to the wallet are bigger. This type of dresses is carried with long sleeves, to the wrist.

The lace becomes prom dresses

according to THEDRESSEXPLORER,The lace is one of the fashion trends and the Prom dresses they could not be less. They also cover this style with great success. Interesting designs in sleeve three quarters and with the black background. Very short dresses to wear leg.

The animal print and H & M: the faithful couple

The animal print is a classic of H & M, in his collection appears whenever you can and in the Prom dresses love to many. Horrifies me. If already it seems disastrous an animal print top, a dress for one party even more. Straps, with suggestive neckline and ruffles. A choice to not go unnoticed.

H & M: strapless prom dresses

The strapless bow dress It is one of the most elegant choices for attend a party If it is known to carry well, obviously. If not, better not to try it, it can be disastrous and is not intended for all. A nice nude colour, H & M offers us this brow design.

Returning to the black see this model with built-in corset, skirt flounces and lace. All the trends in one. We saw it in the main image is not bad.

Irregular neckline dresses: the classical inspiration

The classical trend, looking at Greek Court dresses, comes to H & M in the form of irregular cleavage one-shoulder. It is a harder look than the previous model. The boundary between go well dressed and seem a choni is small by the way with which can be carried.

Leather jackets to cover themselves from the cold

OK, all cute you can go and well dressed but what about the cold? Prom dresses are weak to poor weather conditions. So it is worth having a short leather jacket handmade. Penalty so I twist. It looks like a Harley Davidson.

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