Dresses Retro to Travel Back in Time

There are times that we get nostalgic and want to what is put in 40, or 50, or 60 years, but without going over. Have some air to Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, but with modern fashion. We go shopping in search of very summer retro dresses:

Fantastic company dresses

Fantastic company It has that retro style, while retaining the youth and current, and touch with affordable prices that you can also buy online. Because there are many alternatives to carry all the dress from Zara.

  • Dress patterned hearts, for 29.90 euros.
  • Dress in two shades of Orange and red, 34,90 EUR.
  • Mono-short sailor, in blue with white piping, for 39.90 euros. It’s cute for a retro look.

Kookai dress

according to beautyphoon.com, The French brand Kookaï also bet on the retro look with dress shirt and dresses with discreet prints, the typical tea dress with that air vintage and romantic than such monkeys are for summer days.

  • Shirt dress in shades of blue.
  • Dress flower neckline with ruching.
  • Romantic dress with hearts print.

Kling dress

Kling It is one of the Spanish brands more growing lately, and we like different and retro style.

  • Polka dot midi length dress, for 33,21 euros.
  • Strapless dress print, 40,41 euros.
  • Dress with polka dot bib, 40,41 euros.

ASOs dresses

The online shop ASOs, with the myriad of dresses that has, it offers us also many dresses retro and vintage, so the English taste.

  • Red dress with flight and neckline in v, by 38,03 euros.
  • Blue dress with overskirt, and flowers for 63,38 euros.
  • Black and white polka dot dress, by 42,25 EUR.