Dresses that You Give Away for Christmas

With the Christmas comes the time of gifts. Not everything will be eaten stupefying family, enduring the mother-in-law or laugh thanks to your boss. You have to see it from a positive point of view, with Christmas we can ask as a gift clothing and the possibility some of best dresses for the next spring-summer 2011.

I do not have the luck of having one VISA with unlimited funds, and if it wouldn’t look good dresses for reasons that nature gave me, since much Phillip Lim may be, men we still sit well designs for women. So I just look at them with envy. As the song says: “ if I were rich man … “ (YouTube) I would give these 10 dresses. And you?

Dresses for spring/summer 2011: the freshest

Have a beach party, have a meal directly or spring, which want us going out to buy bread with style, this dress of Chloé It is impeccable. Pure white, to the knee, French manga, and an elegant bow at the waist.

With the arrival of spring come the colors. Finally! Nothing black and gray in the clothes. He plays cheer clothes with colors cake like this one which proposes 3.1 Phillip Lim. A dress that seems simple but that has an elegance that is difficult to achieve. Blue, a beautiful sky blue.

Christmas 2010: dresses printed to give away

The stamping It is an art, not to mention the typical print animal print (which rather is a horror), or always horizontal stripes, but a pattern such as that proposed by us Cerruti. Magnificent dress tube without reaching to the knee, sleeveless, but with two details in the arms and a symmetrical pattern that hypnotizes look.

I know from Whicheverhealth that if I could buy me a dress of Gareth Pugh and it would take him only one time where you could wear it and would be happy. The English Designer is an artist in the design of the prints. The proof is in this black and white dress.

Lace for Christmas and for the next spring-summer 2011

The lace dresses they will continue to accompany us the next Spring-summer 2011, so you want to Chanel that puts us long teeth with this wonderful black and white lace dress.

A good party dresses

Let’s start from least to most. Are looking for a new dress to wear at a party, as we go from the seemingly simplest to the more ornate. Who has junk any time have a dress from? Hervé Léger by Max Azria? Magnificent forms, horizontal ribbons and Golden colors style.

What do you look for something more formal, if possible, in a classic style? Elie Saab It is our choice, in a color salmon cake with an asymmetrical neckline and crossover design. Everyone regarded us astonished.

I’d like to look like the cabaret, those dresses style is something that makes me crazy, as a Louis Vuitton dress for the spring-summer 2011. Black base and mixing colors as fringe and memories of the past.

But I like more classic cut, chiffon and pink party dresses … quiet, there is for all. Jason Wu It offers us this incredible dress so we go down the catwalk to a party.

Although if we have a card VISA unlimited who could resist to buy this Marchesa dress? Now it went out on the feast of the day.

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