Dresses with Flying Skirt or Lady like: Welcome Years 50′

Dresses with flying in the purest skirt lady like style they are in fashion this season. They are models with certain air 50’s & #8217;, with tight bodies and skirts broad flight, very feminine and combining sophistication and sensuality.

The good thing about this trend is that the same thing can look by day than by night. I have two, one pink chewing gum that I have led a christening and later to work, and one black to wear at night. “ The same da that it gives the same ” cutting ladylike with smooth colors are the perfect for a hardworking and cosmopolitan women, I love to wear at the office because you’re flawless & #8230;.

… and if your day stretches at night, will also be fantastic. It is of dresses 24 hours, without losing one iota of elegance.

There are skirts of all kinds, long flight and more armed, and others with less flight and more caid. Etxart & Panno betting on the first choice for style designs sailor or stamped floral, and with skirts hiper-cortas (first three images).

Zara opt for skirts of less volume but with fabric Brocade, ideal for a great event.

Ted Baker opt for a total look 50 years ’ of highly structured Court and stamped floral. Cintua and tight body and skirt with cancan included. Undoubtedly, the true glamour. This particular design reminds me of the dresses of the Mad Men series, Although the current version are a bit shorter.

Pains promise continues to strictly this trend and bet on it in precious and sophisticated cocktail dresses, perfect for events. And he does it in metallic tones.

In Mango We can find the classical and simple version in this black and white dress. That Yes, sandals that appear are a mistake, since the styling loses all the elegance.

A little more flashy and more away from the lady like look, highlights this model of pleated skirt, also from the Catalan company.

The retro It is endorsed by moles. Demure but always with one goal: make the most of the female body.

Sexy his neckline and good girl for its fabric and color, this dress of ASOs It is another different and original option of wearing a skirt of flight.

On the catwalk

Designers are also committed to this style in its different versions, cuts and necklines:

Christian Dior high Couture 2012 Christian Dior high seam 2012 Alexander McQueen Moschino

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