Fair Stand For Shoes In A Castle

A Makeshift Stand Of Fair For Shoes.

Last weekend I was invited to participate in a local fair in which traders could promote our businesses, I have already commented on any occasion which, in addition to interior designer, I’m also owner of a small zapatearía female, and this seemed like a good opportunity to promote it.

In an exceptional setting such as the castle of La Bisbal d’ Empordà, a former episcopal Palace of Romanesque style which was residence of the Bishops of Girona. You can imagine the site… centuries of history in their rooms of stone walls and floors of Tuff, a building which you can not miss if you come by this area.

Do Improvising? Yes, But Also Reflecting

The truth is that he didn’t have much time or not much space to mount my booth exhibition for shoes and I started to give him head,

What I wanted to achieve? obviously to promote my business.

What image I wanted to convey? above all continue with the line of the store, the simplicity in the exposure of the product.

Chairs And Shoes

I had before me an empty space and needed something to lift the shoes and to be more visible, did not have much time to do something myself so I thought some kind of furniture, boxes, stands, or stools… and I came to why not a set of chairs? the image was taking shape in my head.

With this idea I went to “CULDESAC concept store” a space which brings together a selection of antiques, deco, design, vintage, and retro… there not only you can buy, also rent furniture and decor for events, I was not long, just cross the door I saw them, there were chairs needed and in a color that I fell in love instantly because it was a blue very similar to the palette of colors in trend for this fall/winter.

Get To Work!

Two flights of stairs and reach the space in question, only took me 15 minutes to assemble it all, perhaps more laborious was the poster. It is a reproduction of the expanded and glued to a foamboard store business card, I put a few adhesive hooks on the back to pass thread fish and hang it from the metal bar of the wall. Ready!

Lights And… Action!

Simple and effective, because the most important thing when you do something like this is highlight the product.