Falco Shiro Boots


Cut for the city, the Falco Shiro adopt the look very fashionable Sneakers to keep the same shoes all day, on the bike or in the office. A model like so many others? To find out, we already started the trial.

Even if the market for boots, these urban boots with protection adapted to the practice of the scooter and motorcycle, is about to be saturated, brands continue to add new models to their catalog. The Italian manufacturer Falco is no exception and presents the Shiro. They mix leather with fabric in an attempt to distinguish themselves and add the d3o and resistance to rain. Enough to convince?

Falco Shiro Boots

Falco Shiro: Flexible protection and double closing
Built around a stem in leather full grain, the Shiro adopt a white midsole for singer the look of Converse that attempt to imitate (too much?) of their competitors. In photo, the bet is successful and the addition of a strip of fabric type Denim helps give them a pretty casual look that contributes to their aspect of “normal” shoes once off the bike. The laces on the front will not be to undo every time since we find a zip on the inside for a quick donning. For protections, except for the “High-Tex” announced water resistant membrane, we find shells in d3o on the ankles. It will be recalled that this material is flexible as long as it is not subject to a shock in order to maintain a good level of comfort.

Available from 39 to 47, Shiro Falco moto boots are available in two colours in Justinshoes. If their look tends to drown the Shiro in the mass of current production, we ena vons already started the test to find out if their technical characteristics justify their rates high enough, €125,90.