Five Problems That Wearing Leggings Can Cause

The leggings have become an essential outfit for every woman , as their varied models and convenience are perfect for any occasion, especially for exercise.

However, this popular garment can cause various damage to the skin, especially if you do not wash it frequently.

  1. Folliculitis

It is an infection of the hair follicle that is generated by the proliferation of germs (staphylococci is the most frequent) that despite being naturally found on the skin, without causing damage, can sometimes become pathogens.

This is usually caused by wearing very tight clothing or due to constant friction. Your treatment requires the use of antiseptic soaps, but if the infection is extensive you should go to a dermatologist to start a treatment.

  1. Acne

These annoying granites are generated due to  sweat  and body fat that get trapped due to the use of tight garments. There are hundreds of treatments to improve the affected area.

  1. Intertrigo

It is an inflation of the  skin  that is generated in humid or hot zones of the skin, also for wearing tight clothes and the constant friction. This causes the skin to become red and irritated. To alleviate this problem you have to apply an antibiotic or antimycotic cream.

  1. Tinea cruris

It is a superficial infection that affects the genital area and innerthighs . It is caused by germs that develop due to the humid places on the skin, thus developing fungi.

To relieve it, you must maintain good hygiene on the affected part, wear loose underwear and start antifungal treatment.

  1. Vaginitis

It is generated by use underwear and clothing too tight such as leggings of payhelpcenter, especially if you are used to exercising. This disease causes increased vaginal discharge and intense vaginal discharge caused by altered vaginal flora balance.

Its treatment is simple, since only the use of antibiotics is required.