Five Tips to Make Your Jewelry Look Like New

The single “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, of eternal Marilyn Monroe, lives up to the connection between a woman and her jewelry. However, if you do not receive proper care, a valuable piece can make appear opaque and aged. That’s because, even noble materials like gold, Platinum and diamonds, need to go through procedures for repair and customization to keep the appearance of newly acquired. The following are tips from the expert Agnes Sampson, Lavoro Jewels, to keep their favorite pieces always with new face:

  1. Rhodium plating or gold

For those who want to renew the biju or renew the “color” of a jewel, the baths are a great option. “To give a new charm for a necklace of yellow gold, for example, the rhodium plating covers the yellowish metal and let the white piece; and both the rhodium as the gold-plated jewelry surface formulation, “says Agnes.

2. Reuse of stones and gold

If you have loose gemstones or any jewelry in gold you no longer use, you can reuse these materials and, with the help of a designer, develop a new piece. “The customer can choose a necklace, a ring, or any other item and we create the accessory with the material that he brought,” says the expert.

3. Customization

In addition to reuse jewels to create new items, you can also perform minor adjustments. A couple in celebration of their marriage, for example, you might want to add a small adornment to alliances, as white edges or a little diamond-if 50 ‘s birthday anniversary.

4. set of rings

Over the years, the diameter of the fingers may vary and often high-value parts emotional or financial, as graduation rings or wedding rings, leave to serve. If you need to increase or decrease the aperture of the jewel, it is possible to cut it and, if appropriate, add a new fragment of precious metal. After welding and polishing, the ring will be like new.

5. Polishing

Is one of the most sought after. Over time the gems lose their brightness or can acquire some risks. The procedure uses several types of brush and special products, which vary according to the play, erasing any trace of risks and restoring the shine.

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