Floral Print in Menswear, How to Use?

The floral print is relatively difficult to be used mainly by the brazilian man who still has their reservations about the clothing pieces with designs that draw a lot of attention, and if we take into account that you do not have nor 10 years that the male audience has rediscovered the game of chess – before taxed facilities of festa junina – we can conclude that he is adapting well to the new times.

Floral Print in Menswear, How to Use

Avoid excesses!

In my opinion for the floral to work well it is necessary to avoid any excess, either in other parts of the outfit, is the accessories, in addition I believe that the floral should be reserved for the shirts or accessories that will be used on the top part of the look, drawing attention to the face and playing the look up, but I think shorts and a floral a little more discreet, something acceptable, as much as a sneaker with details in this print, as you can see below in models of Nike and Vans.

At work

Another restriction of the pattern are the places and occasions for use: the work environment, for example, not to be that is a very liberal and relaxed, the maximum includes a t-shirt in dark tone with a floral as well small and discreet, preferably that uses tom bend tom to not to be blatant, but if you work with a corporation very serious with the dress code hard, not think about it, stay with the formal attire traditional even!

Options more discreet and easy to combine

Moreover it is also good to talk about colours: the prints with a dark background (black, navy, brown or wine) with prints type liberty are present in several collections this summer, designer top stores popular and are the most discrete and easy to combine, but you can also find floral big and flashy that can be used in combinations for the summer, especially if they appear in short-sleeved shirts – making, lightweight, a tropical-style –bermuda and details of t-shirts as pockets, sleeves, bands and collars, including is possible to find t-shirts in this style of brands such as Cotton On, Zara and Renner.

Look balanced

To assemble a look that balanced the ideal is to coordinate the floral with a basic part and of a neutral color, so if you chose a shirt with this print the best is to add a pair of traditional denim or a chino dark tone in the winter or light in the summer. If you prefer to apply the floral accessories, keep the rest of the look controlled.

Here are some examples:

For high summer

In the summer you can invest in the look with a tropical touch as in the example below. The bermuda gives you the weather, and serves for a walk on the boardwalk next to the beach, for example. Goes down very well around a dockside brown.

Even for summer, it gives to use shorts with this print and balance with a t-shirt more basic.

At weddings

For weddings daytime outdoor the combination of a shirt is floral or a costume more traditional combined with accessories with the print may be an option young and relaxed, since the dress code of the event allows it, of course. See some suggestions below.

In the details of the clothes

Those who like florals, but prefers to join fashion in homeopathic doses, you can opt for t-shirts that use details cut of fabric with this print.

These parts are more permissive, and can be combined with others that have a pattern or standard without tending to exaggeration.



Also worth a highlight for the accessories, they can give life to the combo if it is well basicão, but you may not want to add them if the dress has already prints enough. Consider using ties, scarves and suspenders.

Where to find

We already know that the Renner brought the print in their new summer collection, then try large retail stores, such as Zara, Riachuelo and C&A. I visited the preview of other brands such as Mandi, Siberian, Memove and Damiller , and all have some piece with florals, be they large and showy, whether it is in the liberty style.


To learn more:

Previously we have talked about the liberty these prints with flowers as small, if you want to stay inside, click here.

Note: do not confuse the floral print with the pattern of foliage that is also gaining strength in male fashion in the latest collections. Soon we will also talk to her!