From Culture to Toys

Most experts today agree that biology is a major influence that causes boys to act “male” and girls, in a “feminine” way. Still, hormones and anatomy fail to fully explain the huge differences between the sexes.

Here are social forces, something we do in society as a whole to push boys and girls in such different directions from the moment they are born.

Talk About A Way For Each Sex

As soon as the baby is born, he will be treated one way if he is a boy and another if he is a girl. Studies show that adults describe newborns as “sweet” or “feminine” if they think it is a girl. But if the same baby is wearing a blue outfit, the words used become “strong” and “robust.”

Susan Witt, a professor of child development at the University of Akron in Ohio, says that, in general, parents tend to speak more sweetly to their girls than to their boys, and that male babies are stimulated with playfulness More physical even before they can smile according to RCTOYSADVICE.COM.

Trolleys For Boys, Dolls For Girls

It is still quite common for boys to get toys on wheels, and girls receive anything in which a dress fits. What is interesting is that young children deeply absorb this kind of message. One research indicates that little girls of 1 and a half years already associate cars to boys and dolls to girls.

The effects of this type of socialization can be felt throughout life. “Children who spend most of their childhood playing with toys specific to a particular genre are likely to have more traditional opinions about their sexual roles,” says Professor Susan.

Models: Do As I Do

Children pay close attention to the men and women who are part of their lives, creating expectations based on observations made since the early months.

So it’s important to remember that if you want your kids to know that men can cook or that women can do home repairs, you have to demonstrate them. The most powerful influence on a child’s perception of sexual roles will be what she experiences within her own home in early childhood.

There is nothing wrong with you and your partner having very traditional roles in the family, as there are creative ways to expose your children to other options. Look for books, television shows, or films in which men and women have varied roles. Another great solution is to get along with friends and relatives in whose homes men take care of cleaning or women are the breadwinner of the family.

Princess And Football Player Clothes

When girls get close to age 2 and boys 3 or 4, they already know that there are boy’s clothes and girl’s clothes, and many children are reluctant to use what does not fall into definite categories.

That’s because very early on, girls are praised for their shoes, buckles and dresses full of fruity, while the boys practically leave the maternity ward with a chosen football team and a matching wardrobe.

Crying Is A Girl Thing

There is a kind of old, unwritten rule about childhood injuries: for girls, lap and support; For the boys, the famous “raises and shakes the dust”.

This kind of reaction has been changing in many families, where boys are also encouraged to demonstrate their emotions. But the reality of the outside world, in the playground, for example, can be more resistant to new times and attitudes, which only serves to harm children who try to express better how they feel.

Each One As It Is

You will certainly have enormous influence on how your children will behave and interact with people of the same sex and the opposite sex. On the other hand, do not be surprised if your child’s attitude does not mirror 100% yours, even if you do everything to create a family environment of great acceptance.

Young children often see a rigid division between how boys and girls “should” act.

This is absolutely normal for this phase, due to the child’s need to try to classify everything in the world and still not have the ability to flexiblizar concepts.

As your child grows, stimulate varied interests, even those formally considered just for boy or girl only. There is nothing wrong with boys who like to dance or girls who love judo or karate.

Giving children a chance to discover who they truly are is the greatest gift parents can offer.