Gallo Socks Collection

Today we talk of Gallo socks, among the accessories perhaps most loved by women and men. For which of you has never stopped in front of a shop window of this brand, they are dazzled by the rainbow of colors offered on the socks? Today Gallo is actually a much more varied brand, where we also find shoes, handbags, accessories, knitwear and underwear, but it is undeniable that the socks are the chief symbol of this brand. So here for you some of the most beautiful models in this collection.

The Gallo socks are among the most popular accessories, without particular variations between women and men. If fact, until recently it was the prerogative of the stronger sex, especially in the “exemplary” more eccentric and extravagant, maybe fans of fashion, wearing the famous socks with colored stripes of Gallo, more and more women today choose this brand for socks and tights, to wear at any time of the year.You are curious to know what are the models of the moment? Here’s a little rundown to discover all the most delicious novelty. Gallo striped stockings are definitely the symbol of this brand model. The stockings Gallo in rows should be at least in all the drawers of every woman, just to give a touch of fun to their wardrobe. Wear it with a nice pair of sneakersor of dancers that recall the color of one of the rows, are the key to start the day with a bit ‘of joy.

A fancy a bit ‘less known but certainly not for this have to like less. TheGallo socks have precisely the merit of always offering the bright and sparkling collections, from prints that gradually interpret the trends of the moment. Here too the above rule: you can also put them on display, but be careful not to create too extravagant outfits! Gallo socks polka dotpatterned Another little known but no less interesting. The Gallo brand offers us even this kind of socks, decorated with big colorful polka dots. A lively and appealing printing that can give you that extra bit of zing to your look. Also, do not forget that Gallo socks is also synonymous with high quality! Gallo socks Parisian Finally, we conclude with the Parisian , a stockings model in vogue in past years and who is returning increasingly fashionable. Shorter than the ups and longer of the legs, Parisians are perfect to wear with a miniskirt, to create a casual and informal look. With print striped stockings Gallo, then, the fashion ‘effect! Intereseted: Hosiery tights: it is better to use the stockings? The best gloves for winter