Grace Coddington Vogue Editorials

These two miniature versions would give satisfaction to even the most hardened fetishists. Or wanting to be evil even to those who, unable to afford to respond in kind to the queen of fashion, the most authoritarian helmet fashion industry able to nip any career or would-be, Anna Wintour, could take off some pebble in the shoe on the two referring reproductions. note is that if you heard the need to get into a miniature teddy, a doll in a nutshell, the queen of fashion, and his red alter ego,Grace Coddington, the talented right arm more and more in sight in the corridors of fashion since has given proof of good character and professional awareness in the docu-story “September Issue”, you should tune in on the various initiatives that New york has in Serbia for the Fashion Night Out.

The historic megastore New York Barneys has commissioned Andrew Yang the realization of the two dolls. The designers with fashion has a feeling had been accomplished by the miniatures of some famous models of the big names in fashion on the twentieth anniversary of “The Block Magazine “and now back with the two unusual rag dolls that Yang has made and hand painted. Yang which is usually very sloppy in the realization of the clothes he wanted to wear specifically its new creatures fruitfully clothes of his imagination not to hurt any of the big names in fashion.

If you wanted to grab the two miniatures it is currently underway on an auction site Like all other sales related to Fashion Night Out , the proceeds will be donated to the New York City AIDS Fund.