Graduation Dresses, Spring-Summer

Another of the commitments that often us get in these times, apart from weddings, are the graduation ceremonies. You don’t have to go so placed as to a wedding, or comply with strict protocols, so that our vein fashionista may look is in all its glory.

To search for dresses for graduation, We will draw inspiration from the famous trendy and look for dresses that will help us to get your estilizo. The first that we will be an example is Olivia Palermo. Your dress nude can be rather excessive, but can find a dress in the same tones easier, also decorated with small ruffles, and ornament it equal to that made it with brooches, necklaces and other gold accessories. The dress that we propose is of ASOs.

Other girls who help us to give us ideas are Serena and Blair. The main characters of Gossip Girl are passed the day in celebrations of high standing, and school dances, so we see them constantly used their best outfits. If you like the style of Serena, We can look like it something in grey, and a two-tone dress to be. We can also look for a skirt and a top that believe the same effect.

I propose this Mango dress with its bow at the waist and a good collar, he can make us look so beautiful as to her.

Her friend Blair preferred red. A bold color that she looks so good.

Its low-cost version: This dress from ASOs.

We are more than just prints, and there are other options like the dress that looks Whitney Port flower.

Like this Mango dress, with booties and wallet in black will make us get her look.

The style of Selena Gomez, skirt with bright and simple top black & #8230;

…You can imitate with this dress by Mango looked Genoveva Casanova in the parade of the mark fall-winter.

If we do not end up convincing these proposals, we can always opt for the black dress classic. This mango with drapes is ideal for any act requiring certain elegance.