Gray Oversize Sweaters And Affiliatelinks

Watch this post contains traces of Affiliatelinks! This word you have certainly read with me and also with other bloggers already often. But what does affiliate mean at all? Wikipedia explains it in a few sentences: Affiliate systems are internet-based sales, in which the rules a commercial provider remunerates its sales partners by commissions. The product provider provides advertising material. In my Bloggersprache I explain the following: Many of you like my outfits shown here. Most parts of it you certainly in the closet, some perhaps not. And exactly for this I am looking for you similar garments, shoes or bags. For these shopping recommendations, I get, if you order something from my sales partners (Tracdelight and Rewardstyle) a small commission. But also if you like the ordered goods and keep them. I do not get rich from it, and my taste for designer bags can not be financed with the small fee that ultimately depends.

Affiliatelinks are not always liked to be seen. Why, I do not understand. Because clicking and shopping is voluntary. From magazines but the buying tips are gladly accepted and this magazine has in most cases paid itself. Besides her read only at the doctor or hairdresser magazine. Blog reading is free. Even some bloggers see the use of affiliatelinks with disgusting eyes. Not infrequently it is called”I blogge for fun and joy”. No matter what reasons are blogged, behind it is work and also a lot of time. But can only hard work be rewarded which is not fun? It gives me pleasure when I inspire you with my outfits and you create similar looks. As a support I offer alternative purchase recommendations. Finding out from the various offers of various shops takes more than an instant. Since it is more than fair, if the Affilate purchases the monthly electricity costs of my laptop are covered. And quite frankly, while browsing in the whole shops, I was not infrequently found for myself. Yes online shopping can be tempting.

My gray sweater is from & other Stories and unfortunately no longer available. Crap, I wanted to buy it also in black. A similar,airy sweater * is still available at & other Stories. Some of you may have noticed that I like to go there. & Other Stories has beautiful parts at fair prices, with which not everyone runs around. But also Zalando*has a slightly transparent sweater. And there is still me at Edited*mega Pulli encountered. He has nothing to do with my today, but he’s just great. I can still hold back.


The right labeling of affiliatelinks is also being discussed intensively. For me it remains for the time with the*star with the reference: themeparktour