Great Expectations Generated Showcase

Last September 29, gave place at hotel Bernini at the press conference, where distinguished figures formed the presidium, personalities such as; Mr. Ramón Parra, President of the camera de Joyeria de Jalisco, Sandra Espinosa Lic., Ortiz Espinosa Mark Designer, Lic. Gabriela Sánchez, Coordinator of the center of jewelry design, Mr. Pablo Pajarito, craftsman Jalisciense and lic. Laura Vargas, Director of design and innovation of the Institute of the Jalisco crafts to publicize the details of the event.

They told us about what will be the fourth edition of showcase, where ten of the best brands of Mexican jewelry design, working in collaboration with artisans from different municipalities of the State; Tlajomulco, Tonala, Gómez Farías, and Tlaquepaque, with the aim of promoting the cultural value of crafts Mexican, as well as the intention of rescue craft techniques which are considered in danger of extinction according to ANIMALERTS.

Using as inspiration the four elements of nature and combining them with different techniques;

Water, tissue of lily, by the collaboration of Corso and the artisan, Maria Angelina Santos Jimenez.

Air, made of blown glass, by the work of the artisans Gabriel Tavares and Josué Tavares, Gabriela Sánchez and Mackech brands.

The fire was represented using the technique of Lapidaria, Espinosa Ortiz and Oscar Figueroa, brands as well as the participation of artisans, Jesus and Adrián Rodríguez.

Land, with ceramics; produced by Cuzán and Pablo Mateos with black mud, Cristina Fernández and Rafael López, using burnished clay, and Flora Maria with Pablo Pajarito, barro canelo.

With nature as a reference, the designers enabled to create innovative collections worthy of representing and protecting Mexican crafts.

The designer Sandra Espinosa, discusses her work on this new project, describing it as an exciting adventure, where the traditional method of techniques were used, in addition to an enrichment by both parties, both by the designer, and the craftsman’s was respected. And assures us that this season will be more surprising ideas.

By: Andrea Ureña