Guide to Italian Casual Wear

To many it may seem paradoxical to match an exclusive cashmere sweater or well tailored suit jacket with a sporty cover the west of synthetic materials. But that’s just what Italian casual wear is all about. To break the pattern and being well dressed without feeling dressed up.

Although there are conservative voices in men’s fashions that prompt want to distinguish leisure from work is enough, the vast majority agree that we generally see a more relaxed approach to everyday dress codes. That means neither that our dress becomes sunkigare or more ill. On the contrary, quality and fit has become increasingly important. Something the Italian manufacturers really proves.

The style is based to a large extent from the outer garment in sporty cut and the modern functional fabrics. Forget comprehensive trench coats and raincoats in heavy kanvaskvalitéer – feeling should be feather-light and smooth. An elegant cover the West a good investment for vårgarderoben and chilly summer evenings. Wear it above the jacket or this to a knit pullover. Picture from Brunello Cucinelli.

Here an army inspired and shorter jacket model in syntetyg. Aspesi (The Corner).

There is a substantial difference between a narrow and a tight silhouette. The clothes should not be tight or restricting movement. The jacket is very soft buildup and like the trousers relatively short-cut. From Luigi Borrelli Vintage.

Italian knitwear takes seriously. The secret is to invest in quality in front of a variety of shirts in different colors. Here admirably simple and elegant matched from Brunello Cucinelli.

Shirts with soft button-down collar is a given part of the style. Here Luigi Borrelli.

Rubber sole and contrasting laces give these mockabrogues a lighter and sportier feel. From Loro Piana.

Travel light and pack in Felisis classic nylon and leather bag.

Venice-based byxspecialisten Incotex has in recent seasons been the obvious choice for a range of style conscious men. The secret is worked-fit, high level of detail and updated fabrics. Include buying online through Mr. Porter.