Hermes Advertising Campaign

Hermès focuses on fairy tales. Even as a little ‘advertising campaigns of one of the most popular luxury brands in the world have a kind of fairy tale, and I am absolutely determined to carry clients into a fantasy world full of magical atmosphere and imaginative. We saw together the advertising campaign that Hermès has proposed for autumn-winter 2010/2011, it is a series of photographs taken by Paolo Roversi, one of the most respected fashion photographers of the moment when a mysterious thief wrapped in a ‘close-fitting leather suit clearly signed Hermès is haunting hunting avenues and alleys of an impenetrable and smoky city of orange boxes of prestigious brands and exceptional items and winter accessories.

The collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 appears to class, but ironic and creative, indeed the signature is one that constantly feeds the creativity, Jean Paul Gaultier, the enfant terrible of fashion who recently left the position creative director of the fashion house, which for the coming season led the catwalk a series of garments style Uma Thurman in the Avengers, including bowler, perfectly represented by the hype that we showed you a few weeks ago.
Today that campaign there is also an advertising spot, “La vie comme un conte” that brings together the most significant images taken by Paolo Roversi for Hermès. The superhero hired by Hermès features bracelets and scarves fashion house that certainly will appeal to many, as he wanders through the city doing the slalom between cars in the race. Good vision!