Hiking Boots for Ladies

For the fresh outdoors woman who leads an active life and love outdoor lifestyle is a pair of hiking boots for ladies almost a must-have. For tours in the open is it incredibly handy to have a pair of shoes that are sturdy, supportive and has good grip in the substrate. And all three things satisfy this practical catalogue of hiking boots for ladies. This is for a collection with some of the best, most functional and practical-aesthetic boots that are on the market.

Hiking Boots for Ladies

So whether you’re taking on dedicated trekking excursions abroad, enjoy a brisk walk in the nature or simply lacking a practical shoes for everyday life, you can probably find something that fits your needs and your style in the range here. The selection is incredibly broad, so here is something for virtually any style, economy and any practical needs.

Increase your performance, take care of your comfort and get at the same time, a pair of boots that are durable and that will certainly last for several seasons from the range of hiking boots for ladies on this site. Here you will find for models from a wide range of the world’s leading brands within the field.

Here is brands like Salomon, KangaROOS, Hi-Tec, Viking, BCE, Columbia, Lowa, Merell and many more. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes on amazon.com, so there is probably also a model that will fall in your taste and compliment your style.

The Great Outdoors – Hiking Boots to the Cities

hiking boots for urban looks

Beautiful and robust. Practical and functional. Boots hiking for looks urban are in fashion at the moment. Excellent for those who like to camp but are tired of using boots field which are completely displaced when they return home. Walking boots relatively functional can also be stylish. Just avoid technical materials too, unless you have a specific application and need of all the technology available. Let’s take a look at some boots that were designed for life in the open air, instead of the factory floor, or to stay behind a desk.

    • Boot Danner Light Deer Tokyo

No boot is more alpine than this model from Danner. The Danner Light is part of the golden era of backpackers. The Danner was founded during the Great Depression, in 1932. In 1979, they were the first to use Gore-Tex in footwear, developing a method of inserting the membrane without seams. This version has the typical leather strong, but made in leather and suede of deer. The contrast of brown and orange is rustic, as well as the Vibram outsole 148, a composite thick and light, with grip excellent. Use with a pair of chino, sweater, chess, and parka waxed to a visual “outdoor man”.

Danner hiking boots

  • Bota Yuketen Native Maine Guide

A different model, in a color that is anything but ordinary. It is a typical hunting boot in green leather with markings, a detail of the concho of silver, and working with accounts style native american. This boot looks heavy but is very lightweight because of the sole Vibram 2021. The Yuketen is a japanese brand that has a creative partnership with the artisans of the United States, in the region of Maine. The creator Yuki Matsuda combines the traditions of the industry footwear industry with ideas adventurous. The result is unique and well bold!

  • Boot LL Bean Bean Boots

The antidote for original feet wet, since 1912. Innovative Design to explore the forests of Maine, in the United States. With half of the leather on the rubber and half leather on leather, it has kept the flexibility and comfort of leather with the protection of rubber.

  • Boot Russell Moccasin Imperial

Everything that Russell does is quite manual, and since the construction palmilhada hand until the entire process of selection of the raw material. The boots are made with the legitimate construction moccasin. The Imperial is a boot traditional hunting (bird shooting). She has the high pipe, it is comfortable, rustic, and highly resistant to water, everything that an adventurer needs.

Russell hiking boots

  • Danner x Pendleton Mountain Pass

Boot Mountain Trail has been recognized by Backpacker magazine has come to be recognized as the boot hiking ideal. Lightweight and flexible, this was the boot that started the tradition of boots for mountaineering of Danner. This partnership between the Pendleton and Danner is a fun version for those who like a boot bold.

  • Boot Viberg Hiker

In 1970 the founder of Viberg made an exchange of forms with the founder on the Danner. In exchange of a boot worker classic, they received the shape of a boot hiking, which has produced since then. The visual is a mountaineering classic. Russet colored, mooring up to the tip, and protection for the top of the tongue. As all boots of the Viber, the building is a tank and you can be sure that is for whole life.

  • Yuketen Maine Guide Boots Brown Houndstooth

The collection of the Maine Guide Yuketen pays homage to the guides forest in this american state. This version is still more rural, with the combination of leather and tweed, classic material of life in the field. The construction moccasin is super prepared, with the foot completely wrapped by the leather. The boot has several seams manuals and more cool is sewing with points type “baseball” in the nozzle.

Maine Guide Yuketen hiking boots

  • Boot Paraboot Avoriaz

Avoriaz is a boot style hiker of Paraboot made in france. The special detail of this boot is the building with the turn of Norwegian, the more waterproof before the modern buildings that use membranes and vulcanization. The boot combines function and style, which is so robust that even the shoe laces are reminiscent from the chains.

  • Alternatives in Brazil:

I have not found many alternatives. The majority of the boots of the trail are very modern. Best for performance (perhaps not as durable), but not transit well with the casual clothes day-to-day. The greatest difficulty is to find boots with construction moccasin, which is a visual extremely north american. Here are some options:

alternatives for hiking boots

Boot Timberland Abington Hiker

Boot Black Boots Logger

Boot Netto

Boot Adidas Neo Rugged

Boot Timberland Scrambler

Kildare Twister Brown