H&M Accessories Collection

Today we present a selection of accessories and heads of abbiglianto H & M that have been launched by the Swedish brand for the months of November and December, and then those made especially for us girls to dress for Christmas and New Year. H & M is a hotbed of brilliant and nice ideas ranging from clothing to accessories, from lingerie to bags which in my opinion are becoming more beautiful and in line with seasonal trends dictated by the big label fashion.

H & M offers us a large collection which results in a continuous change in the shops, on the shelves and also parallel to an enrichment of our wardrobes, but since it’s all very cheap I would say that we can afford it, right?

For the months of November and December 2010, which closed the year and lead us to 2011 and Christmas and New Year’s, H & M presents us with very nice clothes and chic as mini dresses, tops and t-shirts that you can mix and shake for a personal and original look.

Maximum attention to the accessories, such as earrings, fashionable shoes proposals in many models as dècolletès, boots, ankle boots and ballet flats and then bags, among which the small shoulder bag with roses which is very similar to Valentino handbags and costs about 10 €.