How Can They Have Changed Fashion Social Networks?

How have social networks changed the fashion? The first time you I heard this question I stayed with guiri face as they try to explain in Swahili where is an address. But with time and the question macerating in my mind, today it could give an answer with a bit of sense. Or at least try. There is one clear thing so we can begin to argue this issue: social networks have accelerated a process I was going to snail’s pace (or that it was simply stuck at a point.

From buy to know how the trends of the moment (or the future), passing through media participation of as characters. The fashion is no longer what it was, and social networks is partly to blame in this. We quickly tire of trends, do not allow to fully exploit them and need to be in a continuous change not to bore us as oysters in a calm sea. We prefer quantity to quality, and that may be due to the impulse to buy that they generate signatures, and do it girls?

Life a.RS (before social networks)

We are going to do a mental exercise that relies on close your eyes and imagine what life was like 7 years ago (per say). What you see? Were just few firms that enjoyed online shop, there was no Instagram or another social network that were not a few fashion blogs.

The fashion weeks are more known for their street style to collections that are presented

People went down to the kiosk every month for its fashion magazine and the September Issue were the Bible of all fashionista who wanted to get abreast of the trends that we see that season about to released. But all that belongs to the past, now the firms make more money through a single click and social networks have made that trends are fleeting and run at the speed of light. Firms see as their collections for the following season are famous before they are manufactured for the rest of the world and fashion shows have become another character. If before, what mattered was the parade itself, with the advent of social networks and the street style is more important the circus that is mounted to this environment. Now it doesn’t matter what has occurred, but who has gone and what has led. That the marks in question provide their newly designed outfits to it girls of the moment: know that the impact will be immediate and spark international interest. A good image can add them on the crest of the wave.

Business 2.0

Little more than 7 years firms did not have online store, and few blogs fashion that we had at hand

Who we would say that someone could be successful businessman without having a physical store? The only sell online not entered in our head, but man has adapted easily to this lifestyle. Increasingly gives more laziness going out to buy a tent: tails, not to find the garment in question, agglomerations or lack of time are some of the reasons that have made shopping 2.0 to win more and more positions. Perhaps it is that people want to go to safe, easy to buy from home or simplicity when it comes to return everything that we don’t like. But the truth is that now our mind is not able to imagine a world without social networks where one girl either could become the new media star.


Internet has accelerated this phenomenon and over time has created famosas-normales to that without knowing how have seen as his fame rose through the clouds. One can become famous from home to base of hanging pictures: here comes a new business where contracts are ephemeral, and quantities that arrive to disburse the signatures are enormous. One not already craves a bag because Yes, now we look forward to it if he takes it according to who, and envy grows whenever we see as another girl from the crowd enjoys of according to what privileges. So is this world: sell us smoke something that doesn’t exist (many are those that have shown how the life of dream that we sell truly is much harder than it seems at first glance).

Moreover, the models are not already chosen by their actions or their factions: the number of followers gives you more chance of success among the firms, or less. And it is not surprising, as the media coverage of campaigning charge more interest if the protagonist has millions of followers in your personal account. That is why Kendall, Gigi or face have become the girls of the moment, and firms vie for them. All of them are beautiful, young but its measures are not covered by the standards of what we understood by catwalk model.