How to Apply Colored Mascara

The colored mascara is one of the most glamorous and sophisticated make up the time. For a flawless look, let’s see how you use and especially what shade to choose based on the color of the eyes.

How to apply mascara

For a fresh look by day: you can only apply the colored mascara, which – unlike the traditional ones-not volumizes nor lengthens lashes, but will give you a simple and jaunty result.

For a result of effect: you can apply the colored mascara on the black spreading it over the entire length of the lashes. In this way the lashes will be more intense.

For an eye-catching look: you can just apply the colored mascara just on the tips for a more sober and elegant result.

The colors to choose from

Blue or purple: dark blue mascara is perfect for hazel eyes, blacks and blues, while the electric blue and purple shades are suitable for brown eyes. Brown: very suitable for green eyes. Orange: This color enhances green eyes and green / blue, and it is suitable for summer. Yellow: this nuance is only suitable for those who want to be more daring, perhaps combining it with an eyeliner for a magnetic make-up. Fuchsia: particularly enhances the green irises, and brown black. green: this mascara tint will enhance their own who has green eyes.