How to Build a Look Worth with a Skirt 2 ‘ 90 Euros

I was quietly checking the page of The Sartorialist When I saw this anonymous girl with the same skirt that I! According to the blog of the stylish fotografomas and with more eye of Manhattan and part of the foreigner, is of American Apparel, but I assure you that I have been put is identical absolutmente, same sports court, and exactisimo color; I have already said on many occasions that I am no lover of the tracksuit but Yes the sport garments, and this is the most athletic piece that I have; 100% polyester, reminds me of the Chariots of fire track team shorts,

and if I tell you the truth it was me because, care, cost me 2’90 euros, Yes, Yes, 2’90, is of Mango taras, but is quite intact, the fabric of truth which is really nice, well made and even Limited Edition New York; right now combine it with t-shirt salmon pink and Fuchsia dancers, Yes, completely multi color,

but once again Scott Schuman It has made me give a twist of nut and make a skirt that view in the hanger tells you nothing, and that was going to stay to dress lazy Sundays, an excellent bet. Thanks The Sartorialist, long life to your inspiration!