How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

You come to the store of lingerie and all your around seem to move in slow motion. Trembles pulse. You enter. Feeling inquisitive glances. The styles you head spin. The colors are too many. You don’t know what to buy or how to do it. Wake up! It is just a nightmare.

How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

Many men are afraid to risk buying lingerie as a gift for their partners based on the discomfort that generates them not knowing how to do it (in fact, this was the way in which came Victoria´s Secret). Is that your case? Here you will find a list of tips to buy lingerie for your special woman will be child’s play.

Style – make sure you know the style of the woman who is on your side. Watch it closely. Is it a daring lingerie for woman? Is it classical? Is it elegant? Do fun? Get closer to your lingerie drawer and see models of clothing that most repeat. If you see a panty model or a bra style that is repeated, almost certainly that that is her favorite and feel comfortable using it.

How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman 1

Waist- The waist is an essential aspect to know when it comes to giving underwear. Don’t try to guess the result could be a potential disaster. If you buy a size larger can offend her. If you buy a size smaller it can make you feel insecure about your body. Women have a complex psyche, but there are exceptions to the rule. To avoid any drama, I recommend that you to get closer to your lingerie drawer again and take note of the sizes that appear on different garments. Write down them. So many numbers and letters can mingle at the time of purchase.

Silhouette – although it is fundamental, not only the size is important when buying lingerie for a woman. Keep in mind your silhouette and the parts of the body that likes to highlight or hide. If you avoid to show legs, a babydoll will not be the best choice. Trying to see it from their perspective, it stands out its best aspects.

How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman 2

Color- We all know that no one can go wrong with the classic colors (skin, black and white or check this site for more colors) but on the occasion of a gift to surprise always is better leaving than expected. The choice of color not only has to do with the own taste or fashion of the specific moment in which go to buy the garment, but also in what can look you better your girl. Keep in mind your tone of skin, eyes or hair. For example, to blondes tend to sit them much better the pastel shades while that the strongest morays. It seems a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it.

Textures- The textures are very important in lingerie since the materials with which parts are made will be directly in contact with the skin. For a romantic and meaningful gift I recommend strongly that you avoid under any terms to buy underwear manufactured in polyester, PVC, latex, or with details cheap since you’ll only manage to reduce the effect of the gift. Go for soft and sumptuous silk and cotton knitwear.

How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman 3

Quality – the quality is a very important aspect when choosing lingerie, both for personal use and for a gift. Especially if it’s the loved one. Remember to always buy the best quality your money can afford. It will really be worth it.

Where to buy- The choice about where to buy lingerie to then be given as gift depends both on your time availability and panic that generates you enter to a lingerie store (remember that times have changed, and men are welcome to “our stores”). If you decide to shop, the advantages will be access to trained personnel to guide you where you have doubts as to if a piece will be or not correct and the possibility of seeing and feeling to touch pieces of lingerie. In the case of opt-out your lingerie online shopping on, the advantage will be that you can make purchases at any time and from any place, taking your time to study every detail and without feeling uncomfortable or observed. In most of the shops specializing in lingerie you can access service to the client trained to answer all your questions both about a piece in particular as to the policies of shipping and return of the place.

Wrap- Now that you’ve made all this work to surprise your partner with a detail so intended, nothing will cost you a step later. Gifts (especially in these special dates) “enter through the eyes” and already gifts feel even before opening them. Avoid carrying that piece of lingerie sexy in the bag of the place where you bought it. You are looking for a beautiful box of appropriate size, color tissue paper and tape to give that extra touch that like women. I am asking you too? OK. You can always ask at the store or in the shop involving the piece in a special way. They will do so without problems.