How To Choose A Good Helmet For Bicycling

When we got on the bike, it is vital to bring helmet. At the end, and after we move at high speeds and a fall could be fatal.

For this reason, it is advisable to take it always, regardless of the route you are going to perform. As there are many types and with very different prices, buying a MTB helmet, it must take into account the morphology of the same so that, depending on the use we give, we decantemos us by one or the other.

Helmets have two parts according to hbbltd: the protective film of plastic and polystyrene layer.Housing, or plastic coating is which protects from the Sun or the rain to the polystyrene, since it is the most important material that protects the impact in a fall. For this reason, we can distinguish the following types:
Hard case: the usual and resistant, suitable for mountain biking and downhill at high speed.
Soft case: they are less resistant, but when a more intense exercise or hot, using this type, since the hard casing conveys more warmth.

Technology in-mold: polystyrene is manufactured directly on the outer casing, as if it were a mould (hence its name), so that the parts fit and are together. They are the most common.

Without technology in-mold: parts are manufactured separately, and is then attached. He is said to have no technology in-mold.