How to Choose a Mountaineering Backpack

Backpack allows you to practice many sports and outdoor, having everything necessary so to speak in “hand”, in maximum comfort. Imagine otherwise a mountain expedition with plastic bags?

Or with a cart? But of course among the many offers online, it’s important to choose a backpack of quality as the backpack for mountaineering Millet.

Over time the man has traveled different roads and devised endless ways to carry luggage with them, placing them on the head and back. But now thanks to Millet things are much simpler!

Backpacks Millet are rucksacks, with ice and ventilated, lightweight, comfortable and absolutely for maximum ergonomics. A Millet, which specializes in clothing and mountaineering, hiking, mountaineering and trekking.

Rucksacks: How do mountaineering backpack

In the category of rucksacks, choosing one mountaineering backpack is anything but simple, so much so that moving in the jungle of the proposals of recent years is a real company.

Key thing to purchase a backpack right, you determine the use that you make of the backpack, answering questions such as:

  • It will be used only in summer or in winter?
  • you will also use for an overnight stay in tent or shelter?
  • you will also use to make ski mountaineering or maybe walking in snow?

And after answering these questions, we look at the basic requirements, which must have a good backpack for mountaineering.

Mountaineering backpack: here’s how it should be

The mountaineering backpacks are more tapered and also narrower than the rucksacks from trekking, are also without pockets. A particular structure, which avoids the backpack of rubbing and getting caught up in the process of closer rocky passages, such as overhangs.

But be careful, because for mountaineering climbs at low altitude, such as the classic climbing routes in the beautiful setting of the Dolomites, you just have a small and simple backpack, max 25 – 30 lt.

To consider though, that for multiple day tour requires a higher capacity, up to 40 litres.

In contrast, for high-altitude mountaineering climbs, when instead it is important to use ice axes, crampons and heads to lug around, not only are many more but they are also heavier, using instead backpacks that are fuller, normally between 35 to 50 litres. Mountaineering backpacks, in which there are also the side straps for carrying skis.

Definitely great, modern backpacks with external hinge, for easy access to the tools if necessary.

Tips on buying mountaineering backpacks Millet online

Advice when buying a backpack climbing Millet, is to buy it a tad larger than necessary, not to find himself in difficult and time-consuming compression, that are not always possible.
Many online deals online of mountaineering backpacks Millet, ranging from 50.00 euro 150.00 euros. One of the most popular offerings, where there is the Millet Steep 12, priced at 67.15 euros, ideal for freeriding and ski mountaineering.

Behold then the fabulous Millet Aerial 38 priced at € 132.07 and again, the “Flaming” Millet Matrix 30 at the price of euro 150.00.