How to Choose a Shirt for a Man


The clothes are really important for us men, because they allow us to protect us from the cold and to cover us in public. In addition, it needs to know that different clothes tend to characterize a person, and allow others to understand our tastes and our style, as well as the care that the person has of herself. Speaking of changing room, one of the bosses of  clothing most important it is certainly represented by the mesh, namely that garment which covers the upper part of the body. The shirts are of different kinds, depending on the climatic conditions to which we must adapt, and are substantially mesh-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved. At the time, it is important to know how to choose a check shirt for a man that reflects our needs and that is to our liking, but must also have a good relationship quality / price. In this guide you can read some tips on how to choose a shirt.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • receipt
  • budget

In order to properly choose a jersey, you have to know before the budget that you have available, because it will determine the range of shops and brand mesh we’re going to take, this is because, in general, a brand known and expensive is synonymous with quality, but this does not imply that the cheaper links are poor, and, indeed, could well be better than some more expensive.

Once considered the budget available, you must go to the shops and watch the links that are on display. The first approach to the choice of a mesh is based on the aesthetic sense, which means you’ll have to choose the jerseys you like most of all, considering the price, because those are too costly automatically discarded. The next step is to verify the materials from which the shirt is made, and you can do it by reading the appropriate label that is located in the neck area or the sides of the jersey. In that label you can read the materials used to make the mesh, but also the washing techniques.

Once you see that the materials are inherent, that is not cause allergies, hassles or are not suitable for the weather that occurs during the period when the mesh is concerned, of course you must try the jersey.Try a mesh of a measure that generally feel suited to you in the dressing room, and you will see in the first place if the dimensions are factually correct, otherwise, make the change with the right fit. Next, you’ll have to see if the shirt has a good fit in the shoulders, hips and chest, and, of course, of the sleeves, you are talking about a shirt to long sleeves. Be sure that the shirt is comfortable for each of these areas before you take it, otherwise, if you get home will not seem so comfortable, you can change it, keeping the purchase receipt.

Never forget:

  • Do not throw away your receipt which will have issued after the purchase of the mesh, because it serves to replace.