How to Choose Push up Bras

Classic, lace and super sexy. The push up is an intimate head capable of enhancing the breasts, but beware: not all women could wear it.

How to Choose Push up Bras

Symbol of femininity and sensuality, the push up has always been an intimate leader beloved by women and chose to give greater prominence to cleavage. But which one to choose?

There are many variations of push-ups: from classic and simple to the most extravagant, romantic or super sexy lace. Even the colors are important in the choice: from white to more aggressive fire red.

Which type of push ups to choose

The push-up is not however suitable for all types of breast, for example, is not recommended for very large breasts because in this case would be a more suitable bra that gives greater support, while it is recommended to those who have a small breast or of medium size. it is an excellent solution for all girls who reach the second measure which should instead avoid balconies and bras with no padding. Alternative to the classic push up, the triangle that too strictly padded.


If the breast has an extent that goes from third to fourth, the ideal would be wearing a bra with padding less noticeable: in this case are recommended to push up balconette or the classic balcony. These bras are very sensual and thanks to their structure able to support large breasts. Unlike the push up it should never be worn by buxom women who exceed the fourth degree. This is because the push up tends to push the breast upwards and would be not very comfortable to wear; much better padded balconette bra of which supports and enhances the shape at the same time.

Very feminine and sexy are the push-up designer Victoria’s Secret, by the plain-colored simplest to the most sexy lace or those of Hiss, hyper sexy clothes suitable for both day and night use push up inspirational Seventies with natural dyes or more eccentric; and even lace and lace for the most romantic, or animal for the most aggressive.
 Wonderbra is instead the push ups for excellence: the bra created in the 60s by designer Louise Poirier just reached the market has proliferated among women who even today choose it for its high quality and range of products, from the most classic to the machined lace.