How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Child

The model wrong can cause blisters, muscle aches and even overhead in the legs and knees. Not to make a mistake see our tips.

There are so many models of shoes available on the market which can be tricky to choose infant. Know that the shoe needs to be comfortable, functional and provide a healthy growth of the child.

The first shoe

Before the child begins to take its first steps the shoe only serves to heat and protect. In the initial months of life, your feet have a lot of cartilage and are extremely sensitive, so very hard shoes can compress or cause discomfort to the baby. Opt for those that are more like socks.


The sole of the shoe should be both tough and flexible to follow the movements of the feet. This means you should avoid both models with thick soles but also the very thin that hardly offer cushioning between your foot and the ground. As the feet are the support base of the body, a poor soles can cause long term overload to the knees and spine. The more recesses have sole better, once that facilitate friction with the ground and avoid falls and slips.


Choose by Suede, fabric and canvas for the day to day are more flexible and easier to clean. Let the leather, plastic models and varnish for special occasions.

Walk barefoot

Contact with various soil types-cold, hot, ground, grass – is a great exercise for the sensitivity of the child, as the feet are full of sensitive points. Feel the differences of temperature and texture of places where pisa can be an exercise in self-discovery. But beware: you must always see if the floor is not too hot or too cold, or if you don’t have anything that might hurt the child, such as spikes or glass.