How to Choose Your Sports Bra

The run, in each stride, produced continuous movements that make that chest to move with swings up and down, side, and also forward. This occurs in all the breasts, but how much more there is, the greater the movement. This event, uncomfortable and painful, worse if we use a fastener normal especially if they have rings.

If we put together these facts: continuous and sudden movements and a normal bra with hoops, can cause breakage of fibres in the mammary glands. Irreversible damage that reduce the firmness and tension of the chest, ending with his fall and deformation.

A good reason to use a sports bra adapted to running, no?


The activity that is going to practice will determine the type of fastener best suited. In the case of the running, is considered a high-impact sport. For example, unlike Pilates (low level) or cycling or walking (medium level).

By logic, as more impact, greater must be the subject.


A good sports bra should reduce chest movements, offer comfort and present the following characteristics:

  • Without seams or flat seamsto avoid chafing the skin.
  • Breathable fabric. Avoid the bras or tops of cotton, this fabric absorbs water and stays on top of the skin moisture. Therefore, use tissues with breathable components like Equarea.
  • Freedom of movement, back swimming or possibility to attach straps to release the shoulder blades.
  • Not have rods , or, if they have them, are not metal.
  • Wide shoulder straps, for a greater hold and avoid rods or that are driven. In addition, they divide the weight.
  • Elastic, at the bottom, for an optimal adjustment to the perimeter of the trunk.


A very low percentage of women know to choose your size bra correctly. One of the main reasons is the confusion of sizes that we find in the market. And a wrong size can cause backaches, appearance packages of fat in the chest or chafing.

Therefore, the first thing we must do, is choose our correct measure of sports bra. How? Initially we have to be clear that you must know the size of the Cup (corresponding to the letter and the size of the contour (corresponds to the number).) For example, two women can have the same contour (90) and one on the other hand has more chest than the other, one will have 90A and the other 90B.

How to calculate it if we ignore our size?

  • Contour . Resulting measuring centimeters below the chest. In image B.
  • Cup . Resulting measuring centimeters above the chest. In the image A.

Once we have the two calculated parameters, we can know our exact size through the following table:


If our Cup is small A or B, will use a TOP (compression sports bra)

If our Cup is big C, D, E, use a bra that collects the breasts individually, uncompressed.




  • Do not use fabric softeners will deteriorate the breathable component of tissues.
  • Use washing network for delicate items, such as lingerie.
  • Do not dry in the dryer.

The choice of a good bra and adapted to us might be much changed our well-being; try always before you buy it and renew it before to give up.

We take care of our breast health!