How to Clean Silver Earrings

When a jewel of silver makes contact with elements like oxygen is very common start to a process of oxidation, which corresponds to that change of Hue where the workpiece is turning dark and almost black completely ruining it. This of course can be controlled and to be avoided if we learn the care and basic hygiene for these accessories.

In relation to How to clean Silver earrings, we can say that it is a simple task requiring a few minutes and will surely become the card up his sleeve to keep some new earrings.

Ways to clean Silver earrings

  • Probably home tricks for this purpose, the use of toothpaste include in the first places. The secret to make it work is that pasta contains sodium bicarbonate, so dampens the earrings with a cloth, apply the paste and begins to Polish with the cloth. You can even scrubbing with a toothbrush to intensify action, rinse and dry well.
  • Another option is the detergent diluted in warm water, immersed in this mixture for your earrings by some and minutes, then remove, rinse with running water and seizes the moment of drying for polishing.
  • The vinegar is another good alternative, will only have to cover the bottom of a skillet with foil aluminium and fill it with water. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and your earrings that must be located on the paper, turn on the stove and allow everything to boil for 15 minutes. Removed the jewels with an iron and dry and rub with a cloth to Polish.

Tips for taking care of Silver earrings

The right thing is always keep your earrings individually in tight places where no direct light reaches them. Prevents your jewelry to make contact with the perfume, sweat or grease.