How To Combine Jeggings

They arrived a few years ago, and they did it to stay. We give you options so that you know exactly what other garments will suit you better.

Jeggings are one of those hybrids that have the best of their components. All the comfort of some leggings and their elasticity with the look and even the texture of some jeans.

Only 3 or 4 years ago we began to see them, and nowadays they are already a consolidated trend in collections and in the looks we see on the street. This spring the jeggings are going to go one step further, and the fabric will show all that it can give of itself.

And is that not only find jeggings with the appearance of cowboy pants, but among other trends this year in pants, such as pirate pants, we will find jeggings of varied colors at LOOKATTHEJEANS. Now there is no excuse to not have some at home, since you will be able to combine them with many items.

This year they are carried to the ankle, although pirate-type jeggings begin to show with importance.And to combine them we can, of course, use rules very similar to tight jeans, which is what they are going to look like with the naked eye.

This means several advantages compared to leggings. For example, with the jeggings you can combine with more natural high heels, whether it is a closed shoe, boot or sandals. With a wide sweater you’ll be ready for any occasion that is not overly formal.

As a general rule, when it is such a tight garment, the most elegant thing is to wear it with t-shirts, sweaters or jerseys that are rather baggy and long.

In terms of footwear, if you want a casual look do not be afraid to combine them with dancers or running shoes for a day out.

If we talk about colors, follow the basic rules of style. If you choose a jeggings of a striking color, let them be the center of attention, and opt for dark shoes and white or very clear upper garments (or go to the other end and opt for a black T-shirt). On the contrary, black jeggings allow you to wear more vibrant t-shirts or blouses. Each one must choose to his taste, there are colors for all!

From what we are sure is that once the tests, they will become an essential of your wardrobe. It is impossible to resist your comfort, and more when you can use it in so many situations.