How to Combine Printed Leggings

I was the other day browsing by the shops, at this strange moment in which you are the clothes most spring with the remains of the winter in the same space. I never buy on these dates. It gives me a very bad feeling. If I see something cool for spring me cannot put it up within two months, so I see him hanging in the closet so long that when it comes already I’m even boring of the garment.

But if I want to buy a cute little something to spend these months of continuous climate changes without dying of cold, there are only remains lackluster, poorly placed, and without grace, something that I see very unfair because clothing remains clothing, no need to degrade because a few months have passed and no longer cutting edge.

In the end, so that looking around I realized that a winter garments that they were pulled by the shelves are the leggings with prints. I think that they were practically all models that I was watching during the autumn/winter season. Conclusion: have not sold much, is clear.

Why not have been sold when the leggings are usually the garment star each season? I guess by prints, they are daring, draw more attention, they can make you a little more plump… but the truth is that they are beautiful and very young.

So today I’m going to give a few tips on How to combine leggings printed, so you bother you and get that they are super discounted, that we still have a few days of cold, especially in Madrid!

  • Look at the printed type, some do the legs, more thick, but I have found others to produce the optical effect instead. If not try them you will not find it.
  • Be aware that the border that divides the vulgar and fashion is very narrow, choose with head and adapted to your lifestyle.

A printed very urinal and striking as this is very well with male shoes. Attempts to bring top the most discrete possible.

Military print with a denim shirt

With print geometric or floral print , very softour site tone that keep drawing and combine it that way.

The animal with black, print leggings , a very good combination

Do you like these printed leggings? Or watching them too bold for you? Dare with them? I’d like to know your opinion.