How To Combine The Leather Leggings

The leather leggings are an ideal outfit for this winter 2013 and if you have any doubts of how to combine them, we give you some tips that will make you always look fabulous.

The leather leggings are an essential outfit in this season in which the biker look is the ultimate. They may seem a risky pledge, but fear not, if you have doubts about How to combine them, here we propose you the best images that surely convince you. When you finish reading, you’ll want to run to buy ones for this winter.

Leggings are a garment that became must have some years ago and, since then, has not stopped climbing positions. They are easy to combine and, accordingly, may be ideal for day to day or for circumstances that require a more formal clothes, like for example a party. As well, If, in addition, the leggings are made of leather, the sophistication level rises at lightning speed. Do not look like some simple cotton together with an oversize one of leather jersey. If not take the test. Then we have chosen the best options to combine this so great garment, do not miss them.


The leather is perfect with denim. And, like cowboy shirts had also returned this season to stay, this is a good time to get that you have saved in your wardrobe. With your leather leggings will be fabulous, don’t hesitate. And if you shims you some dancers you pisarás comfortable and fresh, extraordinary.

Oversize items

It is no secret that the clothes that best combine with the leggings are those of cut oversize.Sweaters, cardigans and t-shirts whose large size helps us to be more comfortable against the tight of the leggings on our legs and back.

The contrast is clear, ideal, to get a casual and comfortable style.
Also in this section they should enter the blouses and loose shirts. The white is perfect for creating a good contrast between the two parts of our body, but the red boxes are also phenomenal.
It gives to select a high or a pair of shoes boots flats for your feet, like a sport or a few dancers, always depending on the situation that you saw.

The blazers

This garment is also fabulous as additive to the leather leggings, by the clash between the two styles: one more rebel and other more formal. And if you also choose a few salons for your feet, then the result will be more chic.

Total look

The leather with the leather may seem at first sight an exaggeration. But if you’re looking for is a total biker look in this way you will come out victorious. Do not forget that this year has become the fashion of the 80s, and with it this style biker-grunge that we like.Choose the jacket of leather that you like and put it with your leggings of the same material.And if you also opt for some boots of leather with buckle already you do not say anything… What do you think?

You’ve convinced? Runs to buy some leggings of leather from ClothingExpress and begins to experience… but already!