How to Combine Your Clothes with Sneakers

Sneakers or also known as sneakers have become the best accessory that we can have in our closet. In recent years, we have seen how they have acquired more and more importance and protagonism in both the fashion and the street runways and everything is because some sports brands decided to reinvent and recover their classic designs such as New Balance, Nike or Adidas . Thanks to this boom, women can say goodbye to the saying “to presume you have to suffer” because we can get elegant and sophisticated look with simple sneakers.

The success of sneakers not only lies in their comfort but also in their designs as well as their variety in terms of colors. We can opt for more sober tones for formal look while the more lively and cheerful colors we can leave for special occasions or for an afternoon of girls. It is important to know how to combine our feminine clothes with the sports ones so that we always go perfect and comfortable either to work, to go out or to do sport.Here are the different look you can get when combining your feminine clothes with the sneakers:

* For rainy days , combine your slacks with a turtleneck sweater and your favorite sports .As for the coat, opts for dark tones.You will achieve a very appropriate informal look to go to work, to take the children to school or to go shopping.Thanks to sports, you can go from place to place without suffering from foot pain.

* For cold days , we recommend a parka in dark green tone recommended by thesciencetutor, dark pants above the ankle and a basic shirt in the color you like. Try to have your sports match the color of your bag .With these garments you get a very simple, casual and comfortable look.

* To go to the office , you can get a casual look by combining your sneakers with a blazer jacket, a blouse or basic shirt and jeans . But if instead of going to work with pants, you want to go with a dress or skirt you should know that you can also go with your sports leaving home heels . For example, combine a long tube skirt with a top or a blouse next to your white sports.In this way, you will achieve an elegant and romantic style.Another option is to wear a basic dress in dark colors such as black, gray or navy blue next to a jacket and your sports.

* For a spring or summer afternoon, if you have stayed with friends to go out for a drink from Favoriza we recommend that you choose a comfortable and simple look. To do this you simply have to combine a pair of pants (long or short) next to a denim shirt and underneath a basic shirt . As for sports, opt for vivid colors such as red, green, pink, yellow or blue. It will give a youthful touch and joy to your look.

Triumph with your sneakers no matter what your look. Remember that this year especially take the classic designs, that is, the 80 and 90. Take your time to choose the sport that best matches your style of women’s clothing since this way you can get more out of both your clothing Dress like your sneakers. If you have any doubts about how to combine your sports with your clothes, we have at your disposal our section My stylist where you can ask all your fashion doubts to always go unpolluted.