How to Decorate a Bikini


With the arrival of warm summer and begin the first trips to the sea and the first glimpses of summer explodes the desire to show off an enviable bikini, maybe art cimentandoci of do it yourself. For those with manual dexterity it is not difficult, you just acquire a needle and thread and so much creativity. But even those who are not very practical in DIY can follow this simple guide to decorate herself a bikini. To do this you need some decorations such as sequins, beads or Swarovski, who expertly applied in the right places will give a very chic touch to the costume.


Make sure you have on hand:


Sequins, beads or Swarovski choice;

Needle and thread;

Decorate a Bikini

First we choose the costume, possibly solid color, to decorate. You can use an old bikini or purchase a low cost costume. It is very convenient to buy in supermarkets or in bikinis haberdashery “broken”, ie above and below the sizes, shapes, different colors.

The ideal would be a nice bikini one color blue, green, white or classic black that matched the beads or Swarovski is perfect. Acquistatene in quantity and in different forms, maybe round large and small, teardrop, oval, depending on the decoration you want to accomplish. Surely the Swarovski are easier to apply (they have an inlet port and outlet) and are nice effect even if they cost more. So you will need: 1 large stone, 20 medium stones, 8 to drop a handful of small stones and round to the top of the bikini. For the briefs will do a handful of small and medium-sized stones.

Now comes the fun part, or make provision for all the stones on the bikini creating an original motif. We spread the bikini on a flat surface, and begin the available evidence. Consider first that you should apply the decorations only on the fronts, because beads and stones would be uncomfortable on your back. The figure to be created can be both symmetric and asymmetric. For the briefs have a series of small stones interspersed with those of medium size in the front, on the edge. Then at we will have, other stones creating great designs. Do not overdo the decoration because it would otherwise be rowdy. To the top of the front, you can create an asymmetrical beading on the two inner sides with stones arranged in groups. Then we distribute the rest symmetrically.

At this point we take an August and a thin wire of the same color of the bikini and go to firmly apply the stones to the cloth. To secure the wire, we can make a knot by passing from the inside and, pass the needle in the stone hole (you’ll definitely need a colon). Games from inside the drawing (if it is a full reason, as a drop or a flower). Remember that sewing follows the same rules as always: slips the needle and stops the wire inside the garment. The points from the outside you do not see. Finally your beautiful decorated bikini is ready to wear. This is a nice idea to awaken your imagination and have the satisfaction of having created an original item of clothing that we all envy. If you like you can not apply the Swarovski buttons, shells and sequins, the choice is yours.


Never forget:

Do not overdo it with the decoration, in fact too dense pattern is likely to become kitsch.

Owning a compulsive creativity