How to Dress as Marilyn

It seems that I am seeing double, or more while I see a living portrait. However, it is not so. Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani are twin, nor Marilyn is back from the dead. Simply, the style of the great actress is fashionable and his most fervent fans emulate it for the NRJ Awards this year.

In Platinum plated curls and hair in the air, with a few dresses that figure and a few high-heeled shoes with platform style 50’s fashion mark femeninamente recently. It is a style that you can achieve for ti thanks to Daddy O’s, a website dedicated entirely to vintage style. Keep reading if you want to see some styles.

So you can buy the style of Marilyn with only click a button, but also guys can wear to the James Dean-style, without worrying to look like Dylan McKey. The prices are quite affordable and as the vintage is fashion, insurance that you will find very good ideas for your wardrobe.