How to Dress for the Christmas Eve Dinner

You really have written in asking me so many tips on outfits for the holidays. Indeed, it is not easy to choose the perfect outfit for the many festive occasions that await us, do not you think?These days are starting the first pre-Christmas dinner with relatives, colleagues and friends of the family even before you start with the actual dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner (not to mention last year!), And so the choice of outfits for the holidays approaching inexorably!I have therefore decided to create a series of posts in the days that separate us last year to give you ideas on what to wear: there will be one of my chic outfits in black and white, an address book with ideas taken from streetstyle on what wear for the last year and what you see today,the rules to be met by the look of eve dinner and Christmas lunch. Pronte?


The Christmas Eve dinner is a slightly more formal occasion of Christmas dinner: it is even more so if you want to impress diners (see fidanzatomarito of their family). For Christmas Eve dinner the number one rule is to be elegant but with the Christmas spirit. Ok to black, white and red as color. Nothing scollacciature too obvious (which at the table is even more tasteless) nor vestitinishorts inguinal (leave them for the last year). Ok to jeans, but with sparkling details or applications (Swarovsky, lace ..). Yes even for the sequins but only in small touches and for the very young!


Christmas dinner is an opportunity a little ‘less formal. Being a meal is not recommended the use of black and gray (too serious). Full speed ahead instead with red, white and green, that recall the colors of Christmas. Then played on accessories: lights for jewelry and important shoes. If you choose to wear a sweater… so be it! Possibly cashmere or angora, also the Norwegian and Christmas Prints Prints are back in vogue!