How To Get Makeup To Give More Shine To Your Eyes

There are brides who care for months before the wedding and others that are not taken seriously the recommendations of others and do the opposite. The high is that, despite the care that you may have a person, sometimes life makes us harder things.

If you stood up to the big day with red eyes, swollen or fallen, take note of these tips so that, despite having taken that Daisy a day before the wedding, you look great:

Get Rid Of The Red Eye

Make sure you have these drops in relieve eye irritation. There is nothing worse than a bride with eyes of Vampire, so once you apply you drops, you can proceed to makeup, not backward.

It Curls Lashes

If you already have them curly doesn’t matter, as long as more way more they will glow and highlight your eyes. Buy a good curling iron or tell the makeup that you put false eyelashes like cancermatters recommended.

Do Not Use As Much Shadow

If your wedding is a day, it is best that you opt for clear as pink or purple shadows, that will make your eyes brighter.

It Lights Up With A Corrector

Don’t forget to get some Concealer under the eyes and on one side of the tear ducts.

Used Eyeliner Color Peach

Apply to the waterline of the eye to give the illusion that your eyes are larger and more glow.

Do Not Go By The Typical Black Eyeliner

For the other days you can see very well, but for your wedding it is better to use more natural colors such as coffee or dorado.