How to Knit Cardigan for Beginners

Knitting is an activity that should be done calmly: need concentration and a good coordination between hand and eye for this is considered to be very relaxing. As in the chopsticks or paint brushes, each person can hold the knife in a different way and there is not a totally wrong approach. The most common ways are “free iron” (if the knife is short), that is, you grab the right needle as if it were a pen and hand and wrist support the weight of the work, or “hard iron” (with long irons) where the instrument is taken as a knife and held under his arm. The right needle will be our guide while the left needle should be challenged lightly with your finger over the tip. To begin our work we will have to go to create the first row of knitting and more durable edge, also called selvedge and proceed with the start-up to an iron or two irons. It is very easy to follow tutorials with images at

How to Knit Cardigan for Beginners

For knitting patterns

To find models for our projects we can rely on the most popular magazines on newsstands as Hands of Fairy or Straight and Reverse and specialized books, but we can also look on the web where it is very easy to find  models to be printed, both free and paid (normally when a particular model or new). The most famous sites are Drops Design, filled with fun and easy to navigate and inspirations Ravelry, community in English where you can also upload your own patterns, but there are also many personal blogs of fans of this art that in addition to providing schemes and tutorial, are often always ready to give a hand if you’re not sure maybe on the wool to use.

Knitting: the hobby choice of movie stars!

For some years there was the boom, all the most prominent celebrities have a favorite hobby: knitting! From Kate Moss to Julia Roberts and the stars of Sex and the City up to  Katherine Heigl  and Russell Crowe, artists have discovered that knitting is a fun thing but especially relaxing to do during downtime on the set or on the road. Did you know that even Ryan Gosling is part of the “knitting club” ? He says that he enjoys knitting and the best thing is that in the end really produce something that you can give someone. Would you like a handmade scarf from Ryan?