How To Match A Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is one of the clothes that today can not be missing in your closet.

It has been present for several seasons and, thanks to its versatility, we can carry it on many occasions, whether in casual or formal looks. Thus we have seen in many of theoutfits of fashion celebrities and bloggers, who do not stopincluding the Texan shirt in its stylings for day to day as for social events, parties at night, etc. If you also want to be up to date and wear one, in a How we show youhow to combine a denim shirt.

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Cowgirl shirt+black leggins

One of the most popular styles is to combine the denim shirt with black leggings. It is ideal for the day if we complete it with flat shoes and basic t-shirt or illustrated so fashionable. However, it is also a tendency to wear the denim shirt with leather leggings , shoes or high-heeled boots and tacks, beads, glitter, etc. To dazzle at night with a very rocker look.

Cowgirl shirt+colored cigarettes

The denim shirt is a garment that offers many advantages in the world of fashion and, among one of them, we find that it is perfect to wear with a lot of colors. A casual outifit that does not fail is to combine the denim shirt with colored pants and pants : yellow, coral, pink, mint green , light blue, beige, white, etc. The pastel tones look great with the cowboy shirts, they are great for projecting a fresher and youthful image.

Cowgirl shirt+skirts

Straight, pleated, smooth, printed, leather… No matter the shape or the fabric, most skirts are good allies to combine them with our denim shirt.You can use it as an overhead, wearing it open on a shirt or sweater, and even inside the skirt complemented by a nice belt. Among all the possibilities, we are left with pleated skirts of leather and those that bring a little flight.

Total denim look

Another way to combine a denim shirt and that we love, is to create atotal denim look, mixing all kinds of jeans. Dare to wear your denim shirt with jeans, shorts or skirt also in denim. It is a very successful combination to mark trend within the total looks.

Cowgirl shirt+blazer

The more formal looks also allow the use of the denim shirt. We look at the styling of Olivia Palermo, the it girl of the moment. Combine yourdenim shirt with a black and white blazer, a good choice to be more elegant and sophisticated in our work day. And, as we see, looks great with some lounge shoes that are comfortable and a fairly large bag.

Cowgirl shirt: a perfect complement

The denim shirt can also become a complement to our styling. If you want to wear it as an accessory, combine it with a plain or printed dress and you’ll see how well it feels to your figure. You can wear your open denim shirt, knotted at the waist, with belt, as you like.

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