How to Organize Your Closet

If you are lucky enough to have a large closet, congratulations! You have enough space is the dream of all of us, women. But the day that up to you ends you space comes: If someone comes to your room immediately close your closet, because it embarrasses you it messed up that is. All clothing or accessories new purchases guards it there and suddenly one day already could not even close a door.

You not give more turns to the topic and start to organize the closet or wardrobe. That is something that we always leave then, but it arrives the day that already not you can postpone it. Then I give you some very simple tips so that you learn to organize your closet, so you don’t see them and feel free for the world to share it with your friends.

Tips For Organizing Your Closet

·         Take all of your closet

You have to remove everything, absolutely everything in your closet. The main idea is to do a deep cleaning. You do not know the amount of spider webs and dust that is on the bottom of your closet.

·         Start order

Get many things to give to the people who most need, those that you’ve never used or never used them even if they have the tags in person. Also, this will instruct you about spending money on things you don’t need. Also get another bunch of things needing to be washed.

·         Old or Miss shoes boots

Is strong at the time of throw away Miss or old shoes, or clothing descocida: already you do not send them to repair and need space for your new clothes and which if truly you will use.

·         Hanging hand bags

So you hang handbags uses some hooks and place them on the same side where you put the shoe boxes. I know that some discarded boxes, but I want you to know that shoes are much better preserved in boxes. If you no longer have them then tries to get a shoe hanger, because this saves you more space.

·         Fold t-shirts, shirts and sweaters

Free some space from your hanging clothes folding t-shirts, shirts and sweaters. These garments don’t wrinkle and you can keep them well bent.

·         Hanging organizers for shoes and accessories

If there are doors, maximize the space inside them, hanging organizers for shoes, accessories, and cosmetics with suggestions of lawfaqs.

·         Place the clothes according to the season

I recommend that you place the clothes according to the season of the year. The together boots and winter clothing, separate summer clothes. So you won’t waste time looking for parts whenever you are going to get dressed and also not going to mess up things.

·         It brings together short sided sleeves and long sleeves on other side

Groups long sleeves, short sleeves, skirts, sweaters, etc., thus find everything more easily. Do not put anything on the floor, you will just have to clog. A great idea is that whenever you buy two or three new pieces, you deshagas of two others that you don’t use.

And you will already have your organized closet.

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